Artist Interview: Jip van Leeuwenstein

Updated: Jun 28

What is the value of the human face?

As a maker, I believe that the value of the human face has become more and more commercialized. I pledge that biometric data is personal property. Currently, biometric data is utilized by a variety of entities without the owners' consent.

Why does the world need to be informed about surveillance technology?

Surveillance technology infringes -amongst others- our right to privacy and presumption of innocence.

Can we protect our faces from surveillance technology without losing our sense of identity?

The Surveillance Exclusion Mask explores the possibility of being protected from surveillance technology, while still keeping the option of exchanging our facial expressions with other humans. It is a speculative design and a possible answer to a probable near future. The mask has had a lot of media attention; sparking a debate on privacy, surveillance technology, facial recognition software and data tracking. The mask makes those intangible topics, tangible, and it can serve as a vehicle to make the understanding around those topics more concrete.

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