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brand experiences

Experimental storytelling for bands and institutions who have something real to say.

For Brands & Institutions

We guide culturally minded brands to craft meaningful value. Collaborating with cutting edge artists & technologists, we translate important stories into beautiful, interactive experiences.


Project Highlight: UNMASKED

UNMASKED is an interactive 3D experience investigating how individuals present their faces to the world. Developed in collaboration with Design Museum Den Bosch, Wereldculturen Collectie, and  artists from around the world such as POSTNEONPim Boreel, and Cross Lucid

Our Community

TCI Studio is fuelled by a network of talented artists, cultural institutions, cutting-edge cultural pioneers & technologists. Together we bring nuanced perspectives and breathtaking stories to life. Our community focuses on tech focused, experimental and aesthetically powerful execution.

Community Spotlight

Anke Sondi

Anke Sondi a media artist and designer from Germany, born in Cameroon and based in The Netherlands. Her work primarily evolves around the use of new technologies as a tool for investigating and storytelling –with a focus on 3D softwares– whilst simultaneously contrasting them with very analogue techniques.

Community Spotlight
Pim Boreel

Pim Boreel an artist and curator working  at the intersection of sound art, composition and experience design.  He pushes the possibilities of multi-sensory storytelling by  sonifying and spatialising creative concepts for a diverse spectrum of contexts. 

Community Spotlight
Scum Boy 

Oliver Hunter Pohorille (Scum Boy) is a  3D artist and motion graphic designer. His art is centred around the human form, using the principle of 3-dimensional art to warp reality into a world of his own creation.

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